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Japan Citizen’s Network for TICAD (Afri-Can) is a contact organization that takes the role of registration for participants from civil society (non-profit/ not for profit/ non-government organizations).

If you are from business sector, there is a different entry point. Please ask TICAD7 secretariat of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please read through the following guidance carefully before registration.

Along with the postponed closing date of MoFA’s system for CSOs, registration application from this website was also extended.

Application for registration is closed at 9am (Japan time) 31st July  

Registration was closed. For those who had already registered, photos are still accepted at []. 

1. Japan Citizen’s Network for TICAD (Afri-Can) will register participants from civil society organizations (CSOs), following the procedure designated by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (For security reasons, MoFA does not provide direct registration system.)

2. Afri-Can sincerely asks for your kind understanding that other related assistance, including funding, issuing documents and supporting application of the visas of Japan, setting scholarship schemes for the conference and reservation of accommodation,  are not offered.

3. After successful completion of your registration, ID will be issued and provided in Yokohama. You are able to enter the TICAD site with the ID, however, attending conference (entering a conference room), will need  a “Pass”. The number of pass allocated to civil society for each session is limited. Thus, Afri-Can will set up a preparatory meeting in Yokohama-city in the afternoon of 26th of August to create a list of civil society members to attend each session. If you wish to attend any of the official sessions in TICAD7, please attend the preparatory meeting. The time and venue of the preparatory meeting will be announced later to the registered members.

4. Send your ID photo to []. It should be saved under your full name. The photo must be saved as a JPEG file, and the resolution is required to be more than 300dpi, face front view of full face, above shoulder, wear no hat or sunglasses with no object in the background.

5. After reading through the above guidance thoroughly, fill in the registration form below.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For inquiry: Afri-Can secretariat  (